Though I am primarily an acrylic painter, you'll notice that some of my collections are mixed media. I enjoy embroidery, drawing, assemblage, block printing etc and occassionally intertwine those mediums with an acrylic base. I also greatly enjoy creating functional art such as my children's stool sets.  

My most recent artwork has been strictly painting and it has taken a turn towards the discovery of layering, texture and the simplicity of content. I have begun creating pieces that focus on a single subject, currently animals, but more subject matter is coming. Indicative of the "pop art" movement, I am interested in looking at the object and focusing on it's uniqueness. This is a new style for me, so I will be updating often.

Contextually a lot of my older pieces have an underlying secretive aspect. I do not desire to give an extensive definition of what each piece means to me mainly because I want the viewer to bring their own meaning to the surface, however, you'll probably notice a masking quality. People often say they feel sadness emulating from the pieces though the content may have a colorful or "happy" palette.

To the left you'll find my art separated by series or in some instances medium.  Have fun browsing and thank you for your interest in my work!! 

Jasmine K. Thompson

Please contact me directly either by phone or by contact form if you have an interest in purchasing art.

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Artwork By JaSmine Thompson